Jason Dohring

Forever we shall love Logan Echolls and Josef Kostan.

We Love Jason Dohring!
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This community is for the fans of Jason Dohring!
The WeLove_JD Community

This is a community for the beloved Jason Dohring and all of his characters.

If you're interested, please join and share your updates, polls, fics, graphics, icons, layouts, mood themes, and love for Jason Dohring.

Here are a few rules:

- NO BASHING WHATSOEVER. If you don't like Jason Dohring, please go elsewhere and don't bug our members. This is purely for the fun of all Jason Dohring fans and unruly behavior will not be tolerated here.

- Please place any more than four icons behind an LJ-CUT. If you post anything please use the correct tags. You may advertise your community or special challenge.

- If you're posting fanfiction, please give us information on the Title, Rating, Characters, and any other Notes, Spoilers, and Warnings that may turn certain readers away.


- Play nice and have fun!

-If you have any questions or concerns please contact jasondohringfan or love_is_epic.

-Feel free to watch or even join the community!

Credit due.
Idea/rules somewhat blatantly stolen from willingfreshies, josef_elle, and other fandom comms.


WeLove_JD's mood theme was made by Made By: dinadrama, found at the community moody_girls.

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